We can provide the complete instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA) solution to process and HVAC industrial requirements. With our team of experienced instrumentation engineers, we can do the design, sizing, selection of instruments to meet the process measurement and control requirements.

We are using the products from leading and most recognized manufacturer in measurements instruments in order to maintain the uniformity of products / manufacturer considered.

Process Instruments :

  • Transmitters for pressure, Temperature
  • Level transmitters
  • Flow transmitters
  • Process Analyzers
  • Switches for pressure, level, flow
  • Gauges for temperature and pressure monitoring

HVAC Instruments :

  • Temperature, Humidity transmitters
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Differential pressure transmitters, switches
  • Flow switches
  • Co2 sensors

To provide the complete, hassle free solution to our client, we are also equipped with field technician to carry out the instrument’s installation and cabling work.

Through documentation work shall be maintained throughout the project execution inclusive of following :

  • Instrument hook-up drawing
  • Loop drawing

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