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Reliability of Automation system is the critical factor as it needs to be performed in harsh environment found in oil & gas industries. With our extensive experience in designing purpose-built control panels together with reliable PLC hardware, we can provide the PLC control system to cover various applications from simple control system, process control system (PCS), critical safety instrumented system (SIS) complying to SIL 2 regulations.

Our highly experienced team with sophisticated knowledge on the process helps to identify the critical elements of the process and design state of art, modern PLC control system. Accurate and thorough documentation prepared with best engineering practice ensure smooth project execution. .

Our factory is equipped with “Heat Soak Test Chamber” to carry the heat soak test which is one of the important requirements in oil & gas sector.

Applications delivered by us:

  • High Integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS)
  • Emergency shut down control system (ESD)
  • Fire & Gas control system (F&G)
  • Compressor control system
  • Chemical injection skid
  • Terminal and storage automation
  • Remote telemetry solution
  • Water treatment