IT Solution for Manufacturing
 Plant floor Data Collection and Monitoring :
Many of our customers have been looking to improve their manufacturing performance through automatic data collection and reporting which will enable them to implement Lean and 6σ initiatives. Discrete manufacturing Industries are demanding a solution from Automation vendor to solve the challenges they are facing in the Automated machines in their production line (workcells) to reduce the cost of ownership.

Hence customers are interested to collect, timely, accurate and monitor machine breakdown details on a real time basis. This information would be used as per their Six Sigma practice for identifying the causes and improving the operational efficiency of the machines in the shop floor and Improve on response time by Audio and Visual Display.

The solutions offered by Base Control Tech is to deliver Automated Machine and Production Data capturing-OEE Monitoring solution, by interfacing various critical machines for example in Assembly Line, Formation Line, Casting Area and Finishing line by using the control device in conjunction with RSBizware Plant Metrics or equvalent software solution.

The system monitors, records machine stoppage events, calculates and reports on Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), MTTR, MTBF which is a measure of availability, production rates and quality and generate various reports for analysis.

 Assembly Automation System :
We are the value added reseller and solution provider for AIOI’S TWIN WIRE JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY for Warehouse Automation, Assembly Operation, Wholesale Delivery Center and Distribution Center.

Use of Digital Picking System (DPS) means all paper work is eliminated and movements are controlled electronically. Existing information on all the order systems in use within the company is replaced by the printed information with electronic data transmission to the warehouse and the picker is directly notified of the work to be done at each of the shelves where the products are stored.

All the products and solutions provided by Pick To Light Systems can be integrated in a single control system.

 Historical Data Storing and Retrieval software :
We have implemented Rockwell Automation RS Historical in Pharma and Food Industries for the Real time data for the time series analysis which enables the customer to closely monitor their product process.

 Batch Tracking Software:
We have implemented Rockwell Automation RS Biz ware batch Tracking software which is SP88 compliance used in the paint and rubber industries. The batch software solution can be offered in any batch process application required for various industries.

 RFID based Tracking System:

Base has implemented RfiD based material tracking system rubber manufacturing industries and the same concept can be applied to any discrete manufacturing industries.

The raw materials used in the manufacturing process are normally stored in a central stores inside the factory. As each material is inwarded, the material is tagged with suitable RFID tag. This RFID tag will contain information about the material and the quantity, quality, supplier name etc. and the same is stored in the warehouse.

During the production, as per the material requirement, it will be retrieved from the warehouse by using RFID reader. Then the material is issued for manufacturing and issued quantity, date, time etc., is written on to the RFID and goes for manufacutirng process. Each and every stage of manufacturing, relevant details are stored in the RFID for tracking the details in later date in case of any defects found by the customer in the finished products.

 Bar code based Tracking System for Automotive Industry /
 Metals / Material Handling application:
We are the authorized distributor and solution provider in Middle East for Smarteye Corporation, USA for their Automatic Identification System.

Smarteye offers high performance, computer based routing and tracking solution which is deployed in harsh high temperature environments in Automobile, Metals, Steel mill and Material handling industries.

The Smarteye automatic identification system is designed for use in the most hostile material handling environments such as caustic, high temperature and other harsh environment. Their patented approach guarantees reliable identification under all conditions of motion…every time.

Typical applications include Power & free conveyors, Electrified Monorails, Skid Systems, Rotational Dip Conveyors, Storage & Retrieval Systems etc., for Automatic Tracking

 SPC software:
SPC software which has been implemented in the food, pharma and other industries to analyse and monitor and process control during the production of the product.

We also offer Computer Maintenance Management software and Asset Management software in discrete and process control industries using Rockwell and GE Fanuc software products.